Photography Makeup Application Tips

Today we’re going to talk about how to go from standard make-up, your everyday make-up, and make it a little bit more intense by following our Photography Makeup Application Tips. So that you’re eyes, lips and cheeks stand out for photographs. I will teach you how to do make up for photography.

If you have your everyday makeup on, like brown eyeliner, one color eyeshadow on the lid, and accentuating darker color on her crease, a nice soft blush, and a soft lip.

Photography Makeup Application Tips

Photography Makeup Application Tips

In photographs, we just want to make sure that we get the eyes to stand out. I want you to be aware that when you do this kind of make-up, sometimes it looks a little bit harsh. But in the lights, it’s going to really show well.

So, use a black liner instead of a brown one. Bring the liner into the corner of your eyes. Use light motions and don’t pull the eye. Remember that even professional makeup artists can’t do a straight line really well.

Now, take a brush and intensify the eyeshadow. Plum really looks good in pictures especially if you have green eyes. It’s going to appear brown in photographs but it’s really plum.

So, go up the brow bone and sweep it up down across the eyeliner that you just did. We are just softening and intensifying it at the same time.

If you get some eyeshadow underneath your eyes, just brush it off a big full brush.

Then apply mascara after the eyeshadow, applying it to the top and bottom lashes.

If you already have a soft blush on, just take a flat brush and use it in the contours of the cheeks. It’s going to highlight your cheekbones and making them much higher.
And if you already have a light lipstick on, take a gold tone gloss and bring it right to the center of the lip. By bringing the gloss just at the center, the light will hit it and will make it appear fuller.

So, with the gloss, just to a moon shape and don’t bring it to the side. But put a tiny bit in the bow area of the lip.

By just doing just a few minor changes on everyday makeup, you can intensify it so it’s more distinct. If we only have our everyday makeup on, it somewhat just fades away in photographs. So make it a little more defined.

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So now you know how photography makeup application tips can make a big difference if you follow these tips in your everyday makeup. If you have any queries or feedback regarding these makeup tips for photography then you can drop your queries in the comment section below.

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