Best Dressing for Hourglass Figure [2020 Trends]

A perfect hourglass figure is all about glorious curves. If you’re one of the lucky ladies blessed with an hourglass body then this article will help you to find attractive and fashionable dresses for hourglass figures.

This article is all about clothing suggestions, style tips, and general guidelines for hourglass figure clothes. However, you don’t want to draw attention to the wrong places, so it’s imperative that you dress right and opt for outfits that beautifully compliment your body type.

Best Dressing for Hourglass Figure 

Dressing for Hourglass Figure

If you don’t want to seek other’s attention to the wrong places, it’s necessary to choose the right dress for an hourglass shape. You can find some amazing dressing ideas for how to dress for an hourglass shape that can take your body’s curves to the next level.

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Women with this body type have around the same measurements at the bust and hip area with a particularly narrow waist avoid bulky styles and too much detailing at the bust area and choosing for light fabrics is an important thumb rule to remember while choosing dresses for hourglass body shape.

Here are Some Fashionable and Best Dresses for Curvy Hourglass Figure:

Bodycon Dress

Bodycon Dress for Hourglass Figure
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Bodycon dresses are the perfect dress for women with an hourglass figure to flaw your curves. It helps in giving an elongated appearance because it hugs your curves, especially at both the bust and waist areas. 

Wrap Top

Wrap Top for Hourglass Figure

The perfect top to highlight your waist without adding any extra detailing to your bust area. These types of tops look so perfect and pretty for hourglass figures because they hug your body and your waist looking slim. Remember to avoid tops that have a detailing such as ruffles, bows, etc. because it may make your top-heavy.

Narrow and V-Neck Top

Narrow and V-Neck Top

 This type of necklines such as V-necks, sweethearts, and scoop necks draws the midsection. Narrow necklines draw focus to your narrow waist and prevent you from looking too busty. You can also opt for other types of tops such as Keyhole or Peplum tops.

Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are a popular choice among hourglass body types, trust me, Ladies,  they work like magic. These skirts are so versatile can be worn in a business meeting or a night out. It helps in flawing sexy hourglass figures.

Flared or Flowy Pants

Flared or Flowy Pants

This style of pants highlights your waist and perfectly fit for curvy hips. This type of pant styles flattering and comfortable rise for women of all ages. Flare allows the bottom part of your leg to be proportionate to the width of your hips and creates a longer, slimmer appearance for your legs. You can also opt  Belted-waist, Stretchy High-waisted denim or pants.

Waist Belt

Waist Belt

A waist belt is a perfect accessory to flatter your dress for an hourglass figure by seeking attention to your curves and diverting attention from other heavier areas. A belt is worn around the narrowest part of your waist.

Coats for hourglass figure:

Coats for hourglass figure

  • Moto:- A classic moto is a coat with fall layering with some edge.
  • Belted:- This is a belted detail coat that helps in seeking attention to your waist. 
  • Cropped:- This is a coat that is cropped above your hips to highlight your bottom half.
  • Longline belted:- A long coat creates the illusion of longer legs.

Hourglass Figure Bikini:

Hourglass Figure Bikini
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  • Bold prints:- Tropical patterns highlight your curves without overpowering your figure.
  • High-rise bottoms:- This vintage-inspired style seeks attention to your waist.
  • Ruched one-pieces:- It  Hugs your curvy figure very nicely.

Final Verdict:

Hey beautiful Ladies, choose outfits based on your level of comfort because It’s only up to you how you want to highlight your hourglass-shaped body So, Divas here you can choose perfect dressing options for all your hourglass figures.

You already have curves and a well-defined waist, so opt those clothes that work with your body to complement your natural shape. It’s a time for wardrobe makeovers don’t you think?

So, guys, if you have any sort of query then you can comment down below your query in the comment section and I will personally answer all your queries and help you. 

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